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Electrical Failure Effects Business Profits

Electric Preparedness for Emergency or Economic Disruption

We live in exciting times and are in for several years of societal change. As a result, we need to assess our most valuable physical assets, our home and business. Electrical power interruptions dramatically affects our daily life in both locations. The ability to continue earning a living or living comfortably in our technology-powered world depends on our electrical systems.

According to government sources, experts, and preppers, preparedness is prudent, and each person is responsible for ensuring they have prepared for emergencies, utility failures,or supply chain problems. One of the most important and usually at the top of the list is food, water, and power. Are you prepared?


“After a disaster,you and your family should be prepared to be alone for at least twoweeks.” https://doh.wa.gov/emergencies/be-prepared-be-safe/get-ready/home-emergency-preparedness


Installing a permanent standby generator or a portable power system will add to your overall preparedness and peace of mind. I have personally been through earthquakes,storms, lightning strikes, and utility failures. Every time having power helps my family and neighbors cope with the emergency at hand better than those without. 


Contact us at AlignElectric.com for a free power assessment and quote for emergency power, surge and spike protection, or deferred electrical systems maintenance like panel upgrades or servicing. Don’t gamble on your business and families security and peace of mind.

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