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Frequently Asked Questions

What cities does Align Electric service?

We service the areas shown on our map, including Issaquah, Bellevue, Newcastle, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Fall City, Snoqualmie, North Bend, and surrounding communities.

How experienced are you?

Owner of Align Electric and Master Electrician, Marc Kaplan, has developed and managed electrical service companies in four states over 43 years with 5-star success. He has over 100,000 hours of electrical and low-voltage systems design and installation.

How long have you been in business?

Align Electric started in the Bellevue/Issaquah area in 2017 and has been through a couple of revisions, reorganizing corporations while keeping the same management and consistency of service.

What types of work does Align Electric perform?

As a service-based contractor, we are interested in performing exceptionally for service projects. With Marc's extensive experience, we provide better solutions and do a wider variety of electric and low-voltage work, making Align Electric a one-stop shop for most projects. Our desired project size ranges from a one-hour service call to a $50,000 contract.

Do you hold a current state contracting license and bond?

Yes, we do. Also, we follow all state licensing, insurance, and bond practices. We work under the:
Contactors License Number: ALIGNEI784MQ
Administrator License Number: KAPLAMH843O3
Journeyman's License Number: KAPLAMH852QC
Copies of our licenses and coverage are available upon request.

Do you acquire electrical permits for your work?

Current codes mandate that specific electrical projects MUST have an electrical permit and inspections from the city or state inspectors. Align Electric complies with all local jurisdictions. Your project will include a permit and inspection to validate the installation if required by the state or city. You will be responsible for meeting the inspector and giving access to the work site as needed. Align Electric takes care of the rest.

Does your company have a drug-free workplace policy?

We are a drug, cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, and cursing-free company. Therefore, we focus all our skills on your project to achieve the desired outcome.

Does Align Electric warranty its work?

Yes. We have a one-year non-electronic material and labor warranty. Per the manufacturer's policies, any device or product with a microchip or electromechanical component is warranted. For example, most electronics have a 30-day exchange policy. Cummins generators have a 5-year limited repair warranty.

What does "Service Call" mean?

A "service call' incorporates several kinds of projects. However, they all start with an initial call to our office for one hour of service (work). Whether it's a known problem like replacing a light fixture or an unknown problem that requires troubleshooting to find the problem, tools are used from the beginning of the service. A service call can uncover electrical problems that take longer to repair or can be added to, increasing the project's scope and extending the labor and material charges.

How does Align Electric charge for work?

We practice a Flat Rate pricing policy. We provide a price before work begins and hold to that price, so you know the service cost up-front. The only factors which change the price are:
1. Adding more work to the project as requested by the customer (this is very frequent).
2. Unforeseen conditions that are unknown or hidden before pricing and affecting the work (this is rare due to Marc's experience in the industry, but it does happen).
3. Code or safety issues uncovered during installation and needing repair to comply with National or Local Electrical and Fire regulations.

What does "Troubleshooting" mean?

Simply; uncovering or discovering the problem in the electrical system. A short circuit, lack of grounding, or loose wires can cause a "fault" needing to be traced and repaired. Marc's experience and our professional electrical testing tools make the process fast, separating the "master electrician" from a novice. For Align Electric, most troubleshooting work is completed in under one hour, saving you money, and may lead to discovering fire and safety hazards in the home or business.

What does your estimate include?

Unless otherwise noted, the estimate will include all labor, materials, conduit, wire, fittings and devices, nuts, bolts, screws, etc. It also provides cleaning, patching, and sealing materials. By patching, we mean "rough patch," which means no hole will be left but does not include sanding, final patch, or painting.

Why does Align Electric charge for estimates?

Many companies have online prices, online booking, and online consultations. Align Electric uses these tools to provide a price over the internet, which is very cost-effective. Many prospective customers prefer immediacy and convenience, so they use Align Electric's online estimates that are "free." The other option is an on-site estimate requiring a $100.00 charge that becomes a discount on any service purchased within three months to cover a small portion of travel to your site.

How can I get a free online estimate?

Go to AlignElectric.com and select the button "Give Me A Solution Quick!". Then, complete the form and select "Online Estimate." We will call you for your Online estimates as quickly as possible, usually within 12 hours. Or you can call 425-495-5325 to talk with us.

How does Align Electric schedule projects?

We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. We work hard to complete every project quickly and on time. We schedule work to accommodate customers' schedules (within our operation hours), material delivery, and project duration.

How are electrical inspections handled?

Per Labor and Industry and government licensing, all electrical contractors' must obtain and comply with inspection policies of the "Authority Having Jurisdiction" (local city or county building departments). In compliance with the contracting law of Washington, we must obtain permits and inspections for most new installations and many repairs. We charge for permits when needed, and the customer must give access to the inspector when required. Align Electric obtains permits, and all corrections to work, to pass inspections are part of the project. Upon completion of the work, final examinations are scheduled only upon final payment of all outstanding invoices.

What are the payment terms of Align Electric?

Our payment terms for all residential and first-time commercial customers is "Due Upon Completion" of the work. We have a financing partner for monthly payments for our residential customer with project costs between $5000 and $25000. Commercial accounts, general contractors, or facility/property managers' credit terms are "Due Within 10 Days". For any other payment terms, please make arrangements before work commences.

What is the timeline for a "Fixed Generator" installation?

We just installed a Cummins 20kW generator system, which went like clockwork. As a textbook case, here is the timeline of the tasks we completed.
1. Ordered the generator, transfer switch, pad, and battery from Cummins.

2. We delivered the equipment to the home for installation seven days later. On the same day we:
a. set the generator on the pad in the proper location
b. dug the trench between the house and generator for the underground conduit and natural gas line
c. installed the electrical power and low-voltage conduit
d. mounted the automatic transfer switch (ATS) on the wall of the house near the electrical meter and main panel e. called for underground inspection of the electrical conduit

3. The next day:
a. meet with PSE (electrical utility) to unlock the meter for access
b. meet with the electrical inspector and pass underground inspection
c. install conduit from the meter to the ATS and from the main panel to the ATS
d. installed all the wires into the conduits and terminated them; power to the house was off for under 2 hours.
e. install the natural gas line and call for an inspection

4. The next day:
a. pass gas line inspection
b. finish terminations.
c. fill the trench and replace concrete pavers
d. finish code requirements of the installation

5. Last morning:
A. meet the inspector and pass the final inspection
B. installed whole house surge suppressor
C. program and test started the generator.
D. simulated power loss and passed all tests
E. final cleanup and instructing the customer in usage.
If you have any questions or comments, please reach out on our "Contact Us" page at AlignElectric.com.

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